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MC Luxury Store – World of leather goods – your choice, your satisfaction

Thank you friends for purchasing from our MC Luxury Store – World of Leather goods and leaving very good review. We hope you’ll come back again and again so that we can serve you with our best quality products and service.

MC-Luxury-store-world-of-leather-goods-your choice-your-satisfaction

At MC Luxury Store, you can find:

– Genuine Crocodile leather goods: Wallet, Bags, Belt, Phone case…

– Genuine Cow leather goods: Wallet, Bags, Belt, Phone case… Can be modified and personalized as per your requirement

– Other Genuine leather products from Ostrich, Rays fish, Snake…

All with high quality and very reasonable price.

We assure to supply best services, answer any queries or questions from you even you haven’t purchased anything. So, if you have any questions or requirement, don’t hesitate to Contact us as soon as possible. We hope you’ll be the next satisfactory buyers of our store.

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What’s the Best Valentines gift for him 2020?


To all girls and ladies, you, just like me, maybe always spend so much time thinking of the Best Valentines Gift for him whenever Valentines is coming. And maybe many of us have spent hours standing in supermarket or surfing on the internet looking for an amazing gift, but cannot find what you want. Don’t waste your time any more! A leather wallet should be an ideal gift that every man will love. And Couple wallets will be more and more amazing, it should be the Best Valentines gift for him 2020.

Couple wallets or Couple Personalized wallets are something that you cannot find or buy immediately from any supermarket or online shops. That is something showing your personality, your style. You can engrave and print whatever you want. It maybe a picture of your couple, your family, a love message or anything else. You can freely create and we’ll help you to design. So, if you’re looking for an amazing Valentines gift for him 2020, don’t hesitate to Contact us.

We look forward to long-term business, so we assure that all products are made from genuine Cow leather, carefully made by hand. Our product quality can satisfy even the strictest customers. Moreover, we offer very good prices as our products are produced from reputed factories of leather goods. The products are of Vietnam origin, one of the biggest leather products exporting countries in the world. We are ready for providing good quality products and good service, so if you have any questions or queries, you can send us a message and we’ll reply you all one by one.

We can ship to worldwide by post office. Standard delivery time is around 2-4 weeks after I sent. So you can prepare right now a Valentines gift for him. We wish you a Happy and Warm Valentines season besides your beloved.

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Why choosing a Personalized wallet for Valentine gift?


When Valentines come each year, maybe all of you will wonder which gift to prepare for him/her. A bundle of fresh flowers? It’s a good idea. But flowers are expensive and just last some days. So, are you interested in a gift that is both reasonable price and can last for a long time? Please consider a Personalized wallet or Personalized money clip wallet. We’re sure that he or she will love it so much.

Why is a Personalized wallet special? As you know, everybody should have a wallet. It will accompany with us when we go shopping, go to school, go to work, go to party… It helps to hold the money, cards and personal documents safe. There’re so many kinds of wallet available in the market, in any fashion shop… but these are just common wallet that many will have.

But for a Personalized purse or wallet, it’s different. It is something that only you own. You can print anything you like on the wallet: photos, name, phone number, company’s logo, cartoon pictures and also your love messages toward to person you’ll give it to. That’s really amazing.

Personalized wallet now has become a trend of the youth. It only show your own characteristics, unique, but also like a personal information sheet for others in case of emergency. Because it can show many information of yourself like name, birth date, phone number, company…

Why is Personalized wallet an amazing Valentines gift? Imagine, if you give him or her a wallet with the photos of you two, or with your both name together with a symbol of love, with love messages… Then, every day when he/she use it, he/she will see you and think of you. And because a leather wallet is very durable, it can accompany with the owner for year to year, even the whole life. If someday you’ll become old, but the wallet with your young photo is still with you. Is that great?

So why wait to get a Personalized purse or Personalized money clip wallet. It’s so amazing.

Get it Here!

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Crocodile Wallet – An amazing gift for successful Men


Holiday Season and Valentines are coming. Have you considered for a gift for your beloved men (your father, husband, boyfriend, close friend…) or even for yourself? Then Why not considering a Alligator or Crocodile Wallet (Crocodile purse) – an amazing gift for any successful men.

We can be sure that 100% men will like leather wallet, especially Crocodile wallet. It’s not only luxury, elegant but it is also a symbol of your wealth, your success. Moreover, a Alligator wallet has deep feng shui meaning. In Asian culture, people believe that a Crocodile purse (wallet) can help you to protect your money.

With its characteristics, a Crocodile or Alligator wallet is also very durable. Unlike other gifts or flowers that can only last for some days, a Crocodile wallet will be with you or your husband, your friends… for a long time. Even you can keep it for your whole life. Imagine, you give your father, your husband or boyfriend a gift that they can keep for many years, and they will use it very day. And every time they open it, they’ll remember you. That’s so amazing!

So, where to order a Crocodile wallet as gift during this holiday or upcoming Valentine. Come to our MC Luxury Store! Our store is based in Vietnam, the world’s leather product hub, so we can assure to give you the best quality with cheapest price. We can ship worldwide by post office with free shipping.

Our store supply many types of leather products from Cow Leather, Crocodile Leather and some other leather like Ray fish, Ostrich, Python… but our main product lines are Cow and Crocodile purse/wallet. For shopping our products, please visit our SHOP.

To shop our Crocodile purse (wallet), Click here.

To shop our Cow purse (wallet), Click here.

We wish you a happy Holiday season, Valentines and hope you’ll find an excellent gift that will satisfy all your beloved.