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On the occasion of Year end, we’d like to clear some stock wallet for a fresh new year. We’ll offer the cheapest price for these 3 items:

1. Crocodile leather wallet: brown color as pictures. Horizontal type. Outside crocodile genuine leather, inside cow lining leather.

2. Crocodile leather wallet: black color as pictures. Vertical type. Outside crocodile genuine leather, inside cow lining leather.

3. Crocodile leather wallet (double side): dark brown color as pictures. Vertical type. Outside and inside: genuine Crocodile leather.

Condition: all unused, 100% new. Those who are interested in this Clear stock Promotion, please kindly Whatsapp me for details: +84963080183

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Holiday Seasons Promotion

Happy Holiday Season to all of my friends! We wish you a very happy Holiday season and a lucky, prosperous and successful new year 2021. On this occasion, we’re willing to sell at a loss. Visit my shop and enjoy 10% off for all items! Applied from today until January 5, 2021.

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How to Preserve Crocodile leather items?

Many people in the world use Crocodile leather items due to its feng shui meaning. As Crocodile do not sweat via skin, Crocodile Alligator skin products are considered to protect money for the owners. Most of Asian businessmen will like a Crocodile products like wallet/bag to have luck in money.

Crocodile Leather items

Crocodile products are naturally very beautiful, unique and durable. It’s not easily to peel like other materials. However, if you preserve them the right way, the products will be more and more durable and nicer. So, do you know how to preserve them? Follow these steps:

  1. Restrain using soap to wipe the Alligator skin items (wallet, bag, shoes, hat…)
  2. When cleaning, please use wet towel together with dilute cleaning solution
  3. If you don’t have cleaning solution, you can use dilute shampoo or use together with soap to clean the dust.
  4. After cleaning, you should make it dried absolutely.

Having Crocodile leather products are awesome. But if you know how to preserve them, you’ll make them always nice and looking new.

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