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How to preserve and renew Crocodile leather wallets (Crocodile leather items)?

Preserving Crocodile leather wallets

Crocodile Leather wallets need to be preserved in dry and airy places, you should not put it on the floor (even floor covered with ceramic). Petrichor from the floor will make Crocodile leather fuggy, more soon and easy to spoil. 
On rainy days or when you sweat a lot, you should take care to get contact with Crocodile leather as the ingredients inside the sweat will make Crocodile leather more easy to rot. 
When you find the dirt or stains on the Crocodile leather wallets, please use a pencil eraser to scrub over the wall to discard the stains. 
You should not put too much unnecessary money and documents inside the wallet, making the wallet bulging. That will make your wallet stretch, spoil the original form of the wallet and the wallet will look bad. 
After using, better put it in a box with a damp-proof, put it in dry places to avoid being rotten. 


How to polish Crocodile Leather surface?
Use soft cloth absorbing with milk to rub robustly on the surface of Crocodile leather, do it roughly and steadily. After rubbing all the wallet surface, use dry cloth to clean it, you’ll find that your wallet is as shiny as brand new. 
For the rigid Crocodile wallet due to long-time unused, you can use the beated egg-white and a clean cloth. Believe me! You will be surprised at the change of the Crocodile wallet inside your hand. 
The Crocodile wallet is musty, what to do? In this case, please use pine oil. Use a clean cloth absorbing with pine oil and wipe your musty wallet to remove these stains. However, this method is only effective when these stains are new and discovered early. For any musts that have been long-time and went deep into the leather, you cannot use the above method but have to use sandpaper (smooth type) to rub on the surface of Crocodile leather. After rubbing, you should recolor the places rubbed by sandpaper then waxing the wallet to make it shiny. 
All these above methods can be applied for other Crocodile leather accessories such as Crocodile shoes or Crocodile belt. Have a nice day!



Crocodile and Alligator Wallets A Symbol of elegance


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Where to buy Genuine Alligator wallet?

A Genuine Alligator Wallet is a gift of class. It’s not only beautiful, super durable but also luxury, classy. In Asian culture, a Genuine Alligator wallet (Crocodile wallet) also has a feng shui meaning. It’ll help the owner to protect money, avoid losing money in unnecessary situation. Actually, it obviously can help you to save money because of its durability. You can use it for tens of year without having to change another wallet. Moreover, the more you use, the more polished and brighter it’ll become. Hence, you can save a lot of money spending for buying wallet.

So where to buy a Genuine Alligator wallet?

Buy Genuine Alligator wallet in USA

US customers have high demand for Genuine Alligator wallet (Crocodile wallet). Here, the life standard is high, consumers also have tend toward the luxury, classy products including Crocodile wallet (bag). But where can you buy it? Normally in the past, you can go to the luxury shops and find one with very high price. The Alligator/Crocodile material itself has been high as it’s very costly to feed a Crocodile and take its skin. Moreover, the luxury shops are usually traders who has distributed the products from many higher selling levels. They also have to pay much for spaces, shops… so the price cannot be cheap.

Nowadays, together with the high development of E-commerce, you can easily find a Genuine Crocodile wallet from the maker/producer with very reasonable price. You can also find it from the origin country, where the labor cost is still low. Hence you can get a sofisticated product with not so high price.

At MC Luxury Store, we can ship out our Genuine Alligator wallet to USA within a rather short period. As we have good transportation service from our country to The United States. If you’d like to get a sofisticated wallet with reasonable price, visit our shop to learn more:

Buy Genuine Alligator wallet in EU

European customers are also keen on our Genuine Alligator wallet. We have customers in England, Netherlands… Wherever you are, it’s surely that all of you are tending toward the cheap, durable and classy products. So, An Alligator/Crocodile wallet is the best choice.

So, if you’re in Europe and looking for a Genuine Crocodile wallet, please visit our shop. Our products are made by skillful worker, be carefully in every sewing line. You’ll surely like it so much.

Genuine Alligator Wallet – Worldwide shipping

Buy Genuine Alligator wallet in Australia and else where

If you’re living in Australia, New Zealand or else where and would like to buy our Genuine crocodile wallet, we’re very happy to serve you also. We can ship to worldwide, but the transportation time can be a little long. Please kindly understand and sympathize.




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Why do many people like Genuine Crocodile wallets? Beside the natural beauty, Crocodile or Alligator wallets also have special meanings that may make you amazed. 

Crocodile Wallet – a meaningful gift for beloved or friends

Unlike clothes or shoes/slippers that you have to know the exact size of the receivers. When you choose a Genuine Crocodile wallet (Alligator wallet) as a gift, you just need to know their favorite color. Or he or she has interest in feng shui, you can base on his/her birth year to choose a suitable wallet color. In Asian feng shui, anything in the universe originates from Five basic elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth). And each year will be represented by an element (Horoscope). For example, if you were born in 1982, your Horoscope is Water; and the colors suitable for you should be Navy Blue, Black and White. If your birth year is Fire Horoscope, a red wallet should be perfect. In case you don’t know the Horoscope of your birth year and would like to know, please contact us. We’ll consult you then. 

If the receiver of your gift is a young person, you should choose a wallet from crocodile tail skin, which can help him/her to show characteristics. And if the receiver is in the middle age (father, uncle…), then a wallet from crocodile belly skin will be perfect. Because middle and old age people are always more calm and often like courteous and elegant style.

A Crocodile Wallet helps to protect money

Crocodiles do not sweat through the skin. Therefore, it’s believed that Genuine Crocodile wallets will avoid their owners from leaking, losing money. We’re easy to realize that most of the successful and rich people use Crocodile leather items. Simply because they’d like to keep their work achievement. Although maybe they have been successful before using the Crocodile wallet, we can easily see that Crocodile or Alligator wallets always accompany the successful. And sometimes, the belief in feng shui brings the hope/energy to your life. As long as you have the hope, you’ll surely make it into hunger and you’ll be successful.

Super high durability helps to restrict changing wallets

Why changing your wallet every year, while a Crocodile wallet can be used for tens of years without being destroyed? You think that a Genuine Crocodile wallet will be more expensive than a Cow leather one? Let’s do a simple calculation about the time and you’ll see how much benefit you get when using a Crocodile wallet.  Certainly the total amount you spend within 10 years to use Cow wallets will be higher than the amount you spend to buy a Crocodile wallet to use in 10 years.

The businessmen/ business women rarely change their wallets as they believe that changing the wallet will affect the fortune that they’re having. Even though their wallet is broken or torn, they still use it. And with a Crocodile (Alligator wallet), you can use tens of years without any damage, even it’ll become more bright and beautiful, the more you use, the brighter it is. So, why not choose a Crocodile wallet for yourself or for gifts now?



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Valentines gift for him – 20 suggestions

20 ideas of Valentines gift for him 

Valentine’s Day is coming. Not only men/boys, but also women/girls may have headaches in choosing a Valentines gift. Understanding that, MC Luxury Store would like to share with you girls about the realistic and meaningful gifts for your beloved. 

1. Chocolate

Although it’s rather a traditional and long-time gift, its attraction has never decreased. The sweet combining with a little bitter taste is just like your beautiful love of your two: sometimes sweet, sometimes jealous, bitter… Used as a gift firstly in 1902, Chocolate is called “the gift of God”.

Chocolate – a sweet Valentines gift

2. Self-made Cake

A self-made cake is an amazing gift that you can give him on Valentines. He’ll be so happy to receive a cake done by his lover, with a lot of effort and love inside. A Gateau or Cupcake should be a perfect choice for you.

Self-made cake

3. Twin-item

If you give your lover a twin-item, he surely will like it so much. What’s more wonderful than you and him walking together with the lovely twin-shirt, twin-shoes or twin-hat? It also shows that you two belong to each other. 

Twin items are always perfect gifts for coup;e

4. Handmade items

Pillows, keychain, scarf… done by yourself will surely make him interested and moved. Use your own skill and care to make an unique gift for him! He’ll be very surprised.

A handmade gift done by yourself will make him so moved

5. Holiday travels

Holiday travels are always best choices for the couples. You two will have your own time and space together to discover and understand more about each other. However, during this Covid period, you should be very careful. 

A romantic travel together on Valentines

6. Books

For those who like reading books, a book gift is certainly an ideal choice. However, for those who don’t have interest in reading, a book suitable for his characteristics is also not a bad choice.

A book for Valentines gift

7. Men-body care products

If you give him some Men-body care products, he’ll surely like them. Because for both men and women, caring for the body is always important and necessary. A man must be able to take care of himself, then he can take good care of  others. So, if you give him such gifts, you’re practising him the ability to care for yourself.

8. Perfume

Perfume is an excellent gift for him on Valentines. Don’t think that perfume is only for women, a perfume with his favorite scent will attract him a lot.

9. Wallet

For him, a wallet is always an important companion in any case. Therefore, giving him a good leather wallet for Valentines will be a realistic and meaningful gift. A good wallet will accompany him for a longer time, and also prove his class. Besides, each time he looks at the wallet, he’ll sure miss you very much, and will meet you immediately. It’s so amazing!

Couple Personalized Wallets – Best Valentines gift for him 2020

Click here to shop different types of leather wallet!

10. Sport shoes

A good Shoes/Sports shoes are always the most realistic that you can give him for this Valentines. For some guys, due to work requirements or characteristics, they travel a lot. Then, to protect his legs as well as improve his looks, choosing good shoes is more important than ever. So, please choose good Shoes/Sports shoes for him.

Sport Shoes

11. Hand Watch

A Hand Watch will bring him a handsome, manly, attractive look. So, a Hand Watch will be a realistic Valentines gift for your man. Almost all boys/men will like a hand watch, as it has big usage in daily activities as jobs. He’ll surely love this meaningful Valentine’s gift of yours.

12. A photographing travel 

If both of you have a hobby for photography, a travel for photographing outside will be an ideal choice. You don’t need to go somewhere far, you can choose right the place you’re living, there are still many beautiful, quiet but romantic places, where you can take beautiful pictures. For him, it’ll be a memorable Valentine’s season. 

Going outside taking photographs together

13. Shirt

For girls, your boyfriend will look so handsome wearing shirts, doesn’t he? The shirts will bring him a mature look, but still lovely and polite. Therefore, a shirt will be a great idea for a Valentines gift for him. 

14. Twin Rings

How about a twin ring to prove that you belong to each other? If he has an attractive look and you’re afraid that other girls may be interested in him, why not consider twin rings on this Valentines. There are many kinds of rings designed specialized for couples with reasonable prices. When you two wear the ring for each other, you’ll surely feel very happy. 

15. Necktie

If he’s an office staff, official, a necktie is surely a perfect choice for a Valentines/birthday gift. A necktie with color, size suitable with his hobby and characteristic will set a high score in his mind. Neckties with dark colors like black, navy or cross pattern will make owners look mature, manly, polite,.. The colors like red, dot pattern…will create a young look, not suitable for husbands… So you should consult your man colleagues or boy friends to get the best choice. 

16. Leather Belt

A belt is certainly an indispensable items in the cabinet of men. If you’re looking for a Valentines gift for your husband, this is not a bad choice. Before buying, please remember: Belt should be suitable for trousers. What your husband wears will decide what kind of belt you should buy. Belts with simple designs should be go with European-style trousers, while Jeans trousers should go with belt with big and thick belts. Moreover, the colors of belts should be same as colors of shoes.

17. Office Hand bag

Hand bag is not only for women, nowadays a handbag is something indispensable for official men. That may be a basic drum bag suitable for almost every situations or a stylish and trendy Messenger bag. So if he hasn’t changed his bag for a long time, this will surely a satisfactory gift in his eyes. 

18. Leather Shoes

Besides the face look, the men are usually valuated through 3 factors: perfume, watch and shoes. Perfume brings the roman, attract the looks of the beauties. Watch is the companion of the successful and shoes can tell whether that man can be able to take care of his life. Shoes with sophisticated sewing, neat cutting… are certainly leading choices for men, bringing the polite, handsome look. 

19. Underwear

Many women/girls choose a combo of underwear (t-shirt, pants) for Valentines gift to their husband/boyfriend. This gift is both meaningful and realistic. This gift also show the utmost care you spend to him. He’ll surely so moved.

20. Sports Souvenirs

Almost men like sports. So if your boyfriend/husband are among them, a Sports souvenir gift should be a best choice. A ticket for a big football match, a souvenir trophy like the real version or a shirt with number of the football player that he admires of course will make him very amazed and interested. 

Hope that with our sharing, you girls can be able to find a top meaningful Valentines gift to your lover. We wish you a meaningful and memorable Valentines season. 

Shop for necktie and other handmade gifts, Click here and support us!

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On the occasion of Year end, we’d like to clear some stock wallet for a fresh new year. We’ll offer the cheapest price for these 3 items:

1. Crocodile leather wallet: brown color as pictures. Horizontal type. Outside crocodile genuine leather, inside cow lining leather.

2. Crocodile leather wallet: black color as pictures. Vertical type. Outside crocodile genuine leather, inside cow lining leather.

3. Crocodile leather wallet (double side): dark brown color as pictures. Vertical type. Outside and inside: genuine Crocodile leather.

Condition: all unused, 100% new. Those who are interested in this Clear stock Promotion, please kindly Whatsapp me for details: +84963080183

Click here for more photos!

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Holiday Seasons Promotion

Happy Holiday Season to all of my friends! We wish you a very happy Holiday season and a lucky, prosperous and successful new year 2021. On this occasion, we’re willing to sell at a loss. Visit my shop and enjoy 10% off for all items! Applied from today until January 5, 2021.

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How to Preserve Crocodile leather items?

Many people in the world use Crocodile leather items due to its feng shui meaning. As Crocodile do not sweat via skin, Crocodile Alligator skin products are considered to protect money for the owners. Most of Asian businessmen will like a Crocodile products like wallet/bag to have luck in money.

Crocodile Leather items

Crocodile products are naturally very beautiful, unique and durable. It’s not easily to peel like other materials. However, if you preserve them the right way, the products will be more and more durable and nicer. So, do you know how to preserve them? Follow these steps:

  1. Restrain using soap to wipe the Alligator skin items (wallet, bag, shoes, hat…)
  2. When cleaning, please use wet towel together with dilute cleaning solution
  3. If you don’t have cleaning solution, you can use dilute shampoo or use together with soap to clean the dust.
  4. After cleaning, you should make it dried absolutely.

Having Crocodile leather products are awesome. But if you know how to preserve them, you’ll make them always nice and looking new.

To look for genuine Crocodile leather items, SHOP HERE.

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MC Luxury Store – World of leather goods – your choice, your satisfaction

Thank you friends for purchasing from our MC Luxury Store – World of Leather goods and leaving very good review. We hope you’ll come back again and again so that we can serve you with our best quality products and service.

MC-Luxury-store-world-of-leather-goods-your choice-your-satisfaction

At MC Luxury Store, you can find:

– Genuine Crocodile leather goods: Wallet, Bags, Belt, Phone case…

– Genuine Cow leather goods: Wallet, Bags, Belt, Phone case… Can be modified and personalized as per your requirement

– Other Genuine leather products from Ostrich, Rays fish, Snake…

All with high quality and very reasonable price.

We assure to supply best services, answer any queries or questions from you even you haven’t purchased anything. So, if you have any questions or requirement, don’t hesitate to Contact us as soon as possible. We hope you’ll be the next satisfactory buyers of our store.

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What’s the Best Valentines gift for him 2020?


To all girls and ladies, you, just like me, maybe always spend so much time thinking of the Best Valentines Gift for him whenever Valentines is coming. And maybe many of us have spent hours standing in supermarket or surfing on the internet looking for an amazing gift, but cannot find what you want. Don’t waste your time any more! A leather wallet should be an ideal gift that every man will love. And Couple wallets will be more and more amazing, it should be the Best Valentines gift for him 2020.

Couple wallets or Couple Personalized wallets are something that you cannot find or buy immediately from any supermarket or online shops. That is something showing your personality, your style. You can engrave and print whatever you want. It maybe a picture of your couple, your family, a love message or anything else. You can freely create and we’ll help you to design. So, if you’re looking for an amazing Valentines gift for him 2020, don’t hesitate to Contact us.

We look forward to long-term business, so we assure that all products are made from genuine Cow leather, carefully made by hand. Our product quality can satisfy even the strictest customers. Moreover, we offer very good prices as our products are produced from reputed factories of leather goods. The products are of Vietnam origin, one of the biggest leather products exporting countries in the world. We are ready for providing good quality products and good service, so if you have any questions or queries, you can send us a message and we’ll reply you all one by one.

We can ship to worldwide by post office. Standard delivery time is around 2-4 weeks after I sent. So you can prepare right now a Valentines gift for him. We wish you a Happy and Warm Valentines season besides your beloved.