Crocodile skin Handbags for Women – Dark Brown

$123.99 $109.99

– Item code: BL-0201N
– 100% from Crocodile skin – outside, 100% cow lining leather-inside. Size: 20x10x3cm. Color: Brown as photo
– Made in Vietnam
– Reasonable price as being made in a country with strength in leather products.


Crocodile skin Handbags for Women – Dark Brown

This Crocodile skin Handbags (Alligator handbags) for Women is designed with 3 folds, very elegant, luxury, so convenient for holding phone or other accessory like money, cards, personal documents. It’s also suitable to wear to parties, wedding… And the price is very reasonable as well. So, why hesitating to get one (Wallet or Handbags) for yourself?

A Crocodile skin Handbags (Crocodile wallet) is always a wonderful gift for every businessman/women. It’s said to be an integral part of the rich and successful, a symbol of elegance. It’s not only luxury, beautiful but also have deep feng shui meaning. It also show the elegance, the success level of the owner. However, the cost for Crocodile Leather production is quite high, and the material is always in shortage. So, is it possible to source for a Crocodile or Alligator Handbags with high quality but cheap price?

Of course you can. At MC Luxury Store, we supply a variety of Crocodile Leather products from Crocodile wallet (clip wallet), Bags, Handbags, Belt, Jacket, Crocodile Phone holder, case… as well as Cow Leather products (Wallet, Bags…). The products are plentiful in colors and designs. If you’d like a modified products, please kindly contact us for more details.

Crocodile skin Handbags for Women from MC Luxury Store

Our Crocodile skin Handbags (Alligator wallet) are:
– 100% from Crocodile leather skin
– Inside: Genuine Cow lining leather
– Made in Vietnam
– Reasonable price as being made in a country with strength in leather products.

Note: Because the raw material is different from one to one, so the Crocodile handbags you receive may not be exactly the same as pictures (but almost alike). Please kindly understand.

Shipment and delivery: Please refer to our Shipping and Return Policy.

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Why wait? Come and get this wonderful Crocodile or Alligator Handbags for yourself your your loved ones. Happy Shopping!



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