Photo Printing Personalized Wallet (with sewing edge)

$55.99 $43.99

Photo Printing Personalized Leather wallet (with sewing edge)

Material: 100% Cow Leather

For the difference between Sewing edge and without Sewing edge, please see here.



If you’d like to order this Personalized item, please contact us with your photo and printing idea so that we can design the wallet for you.


Photo Printing Personalized Wallet (with sewing edge)

Looking for a special gift for your beloved, parents, children, friends, teachers… in a special anniversary? Why not considering a Photo Printing Personalized wallet. It’s a personalized wallet, not simply a wallet, but it’s a symbol of love, showing your love to all those you care. We can help you to design and print the wallet with whatever you like.

If you’d like a wallet for yourself, It can be your picture, your birthday, your phone, your company name… printed on the wallet. Your wallet will be unique and not same as any others.

If it’s a gift for your husband/wife, boy friend/girl friend, you can show the pictures of you both or your family, as well as your love messages. You can print what you’d like to tell her or him. And as a leather wallet is usually very durable, he or she will use it for a long time. And everyday when he or she use the wallet, he/she will remember you as well as your messages to them. Imagine when you’re all get old, but the wallet is still with you and with the pictures of you both when still young, it’s so wonderful.

We’re here to help you to design your own wallet/handbag. Just contact us and let us know what you’d like to print on the wallet, we’ll design the wallet and get approval from you before printing.

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