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How to distinguish real leather?


Are you looking for Real leather goods? The below instruction will help you.


Real leather: Look at the surface of the leather. Genuine leather is a natural material made from real animal skin. Its surface structure will not be completely uniform and will include blemishes and imperfections. (Hints of imperfections are a good sign in leather.)

How to spot fake leather: The surface of synthetic leather is uniform. A very regular, even texture pattern is a sign that it’s a machine-made piece. Imagine a faux grain pattern being applied to a flexible polyvinyl chloride surface: that’s how fake leather gets its “real leather” look. Unfortunately, there’s nothing real about it.


Real leather: Remember again, genuine leather is a natural material. So, when you run your fingers across it, it doesn’t feel perfectly smooth. Press your finger into the leather – the surface will stretch and wrinkle a bit, like skin.

How to spot fake leather: When you run your fingers across faux leather, it feels cold and unnaturally even. Also, when you press your finger into the surface, it doesn’t act like skin. Rather than stretching or wrinkling, the synthetic material simply depresses under your finger while still retaining its shape.


Real leather: If you’ve smelled authentic leather before, you know it has a distinctive “leathery” smell – it has a natural, organic, skin scent that cannot be accurately manufactured.

How to spot fake leather: There is no reliable way to fake the smell of genuine leather. Faux leather smells like plastic. If you smell a plasticky, chemical odor, you can bet it’s synthetic.

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