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How to preserve and renew Crocodile leather wallets (Crocodile leather items)?

Preserving Crocodile leather wallets

Crocodile Leather wallets need to be preserved in dry and airy places, you should not put it on the floor (even floor covered with ceramic). Petrichor from the floor will make Crocodile leather fuggy, more soon and easy to spoil. 
On rainy days or when you sweat a lot, you should take care to get contact with Crocodile leather as the ingredients inside the sweat will make Crocodile leather more easy to rot. 
When you find the dirt or stains on the Crocodile leather wallets, please use a pencil eraser to scrub over the wall to discard the stains. 
You should not put too much unnecessary money and documents inside the wallet, making the wallet bulging. That will make your wallet stretch, spoil the original form of the wallet and the wallet will look bad. 
After using, better put it in a box with a damp-proof, put it in dry places to avoid being rotten. 


How to polish Crocodile Leather surface?
Use soft cloth absorbing with milk to rub robustly on the surface of Crocodile leather, do it roughly and steadily. After rubbing all the wallet surface, use dry cloth to clean it, you’ll find that your wallet is as shiny as brand new. 
For the rigid Crocodile wallet due to long-time unused, you can use the beated egg-white and a clean cloth. Believe me! You will be surprised at the change of the Crocodile wallet inside your hand. 
The Crocodile wallet is musty, what to do? In this case, please use pine oil. Use a clean cloth absorbing with pine oil and wipe your musty wallet to remove these stains. However, this method is only effective when these stains are new and discovered early. For any musts that have been long-time and went deep into the leather, you cannot use the above method but have to use sandpaper (smooth type) to rub on the surface of Crocodile leather. After rubbing, you should recolor the places rubbed by sandpaper then waxing the wallet to make it shiny. 
All these above methods can be applied for other Crocodile leather accessories such as Crocodile shoes or Crocodile belt. Have a nice day!



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