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Valentines gift for him – 20 suggestions

20 ideas of Valentines gift for him 

Valentine’s Day is coming. Not only men/boys, but also women/girls may have headaches in choosing a Valentines gift. Understanding that, MC Luxury Store would like to share with you girls about the realistic and meaningful gifts for your beloved. 

1. Chocolate

Although it’s rather a traditional and long-time gift, its attraction has never decreased. The sweet combining with a little bitter taste is just like your beautiful love of your two: sometimes sweet, sometimes jealous, bitter… Used as a gift firstly in 1902, Chocolate is called “the gift of God”.

Chocolate – a sweet Valentines gift

2. Self-made Cake

A self-made cake is an amazing gift that you can give him on Valentines. He’ll be so happy to receive a cake done by his lover, with a lot of effort and love inside. A Gateau or Cupcake should be a perfect choice for you.

Self-made cake

3. Twin-item

If you give your lover a twin-item, he surely will like it so much. What’s more wonderful than you and him walking together with the lovely twin-shirt, twin-shoes or twin-hat? It also shows that you two belong to each other. 

Twin items are always perfect gifts for coup;e

4. Handmade items

Pillows, keychain, scarf… done by yourself will surely make him interested and moved. Use your own skill and care to make an unique gift for him! He’ll be very surprised.

A handmade gift done by yourself will make him so moved

5. Holiday travels

Holiday travels are always best choices for the couples. You two will have your own time and space together to discover and understand more about each other. However, during this Covid period, you should be very careful. 

A romantic travel together on Valentines

6. Books

For those who like reading books, a book gift is certainly an ideal choice. However, for those who don’t have interest in reading, a book suitable for his characteristics is also not a bad choice.

A book for Valentines gift

7. Men-body care products

If you give him some Men-body care products, he’ll surely like them. Because for both men and women, caring for the body is always important and necessary. A man must be able to take care of himself, then he can take good care of  others. So, if you give him such gifts, you’re practising him the ability to care for yourself.

8. Perfume

Perfume is an excellent gift for him on Valentines. Don’t think that perfume is only for women, a perfume with his favorite scent will attract him a lot.

9. Wallet

For him, a wallet is always an important companion in any case. Therefore, giving him a good leather wallet for Valentines will be a realistic and meaningful gift. A good wallet will accompany him for a longer time, and also prove his class. Besides, each time he looks at the wallet, he’ll sure miss you very much, and will meet you immediately. It’s so amazing!

Couple Personalized Wallets – Best Valentines gift for him 2020

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10. Sport shoes

A good Shoes/Sports shoes are always the most realistic that you can give him for this Valentines. For some guys, due to work requirements or characteristics, they travel a lot. Then, to protect his legs as well as improve his looks, choosing good shoes is more important than ever. So, please choose good Shoes/Sports shoes for him.

Sport Shoes

11. Hand Watch

A Hand Watch will bring him a handsome, manly, attractive look. So, a Hand Watch will be a realistic Valentines gift for your man. Almost all boys/men will like a hand watch, as it has big usage in daily activities as jobs. He’ll surely love this meaningful Valentine’s gift of yours.

12. A photographing travel 

If both of you have a hobby for photography, a travel for photographing outside will be an ideal choice. You don’t need to go somewhere far, you can choose right the place you’re living, there are still many beautiful, quiet but romantic places, where you can take beautiful pictures. For him, it’ll be a memorable Valentine’s season. 

Going outside taking photographs together

13. Shirt

For girls, your boyfriend will look so handsome wearing shirts, doesn’t he? The shirts will bring him a mature look, but still lovely and polite. Therefore, a shirt will be a great idea for a Valentines gift for him. 

14. Twin Rings

How about a twin ring to prove that you belong to each other? If he has an attractive look and you’re afraid that other girls may be interested in him, why not consider twin rings on this Valentines. There are many kinds of rings designed specialized for couples with reasonable prices. When you two wear the ring for each other, you’ll surely feel very happy. 

15. Necktie

If he’s an office staff, official, a necktie is surely a perfect choice for a Valentines/birthday gift. A necktie with color, size suitable with his hobby and characteristic will set a high score in his mind. Neckties with dark colors like black, navy or cross pattern will make owners look mature, manly, polite,.. The colors like red, dot pattern…will create a young look, not suitable for husbands… So you should consult your man colleagues or boy friends to get the best choice. 

16. Leather Belt

A belt is certainly an indispensable items in the cabinet of men. If you’re looking for a Valentines gift for your husband, this is not a bad choice. Before buying, please remember: Belt should be suitable for trousers. What your husband wears will decide what kind of belt you should buy. Belts with simple designs should be go with European-style trousers, while Jeans trousers should go with belt with big and thick belts. Moreover, the colors of belts should be same as colors of shoes.

17. Office Hand bag

Hand bag is not only for women, nowadays a handbag is something indispensable for official men. That may be a basic drum bag suitable for almost every situations or a stylish and trendy Messenger bag. So if he hasn’t changed his bag for a long time, this will surely a satisfactory gift in his eyes. 

18. Leather Shoes

Besides the face look, the men are usually valuated through 3 factors: perfume, watch and shoes. Perfume brings the roman, attract the looks of the beauties. Watch is the companion of the successful and shoes can tell whether that man can be able to take care of his life. Shoes with sophisticated sewing, neat cutting… are certainly leading choices for men, bringing the polite, handsome look. 

19. Underwear

Many women/girls choose a combo of underwear (t-shirt, pants) for Valentines gift to their husband/boyfriend. This gift is both meaningful and realistic. This gift also show the utmost care you spend to him. He’ll surely so moved.

20. Sports Souvenirs

Almost men like sports. So if your boyfriend/husband are among them, a Sports souvenir gift should be a best choice. A ticket for a big football match, a souvenir trophy like the real version or a shirt with number of the football player that he admires of course will make him very amazed and interested. 

Hope that with our sharing, you girls can be able to find a top meaningful Valentines gift to your lover. We wish you a meaningful and memorable Valentines season. 

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