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Why do Crocodile Wallets have feng shui meaning?


Crocodile wallets are fashion accessories that appeal to men by special attraction. It not only shows manly style but also very formal, elegant with all belly alligator wallet of crocodile’s abdominal leather part.

Men’s Crocodile wallets are not only used as common leather but they also have a special feng shui meaning in East Asian culture. Because crocodile does not sweat through the skin, crocodile wallet using will keep better money, not lost when unnecessary.

Therefore, if you’re a gentleman, especially successful businessman, a Crocodile or Alligator wallet should be a integral accessory. If you’re a lady looking for a wonderful gift for your father, husband, boy friend, business partners…, a Crocodile wallet is a also a best choice.

So, how can you find real leather to get use of its feng shui meaning. See our post How to distinguish real leather?

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